Welcome to George Huntley Music!

Welcome to George Huntley Music! If you were looking for something else, it must have been one heckuva typo!

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my 5th album - Sunshine and Rain! Each album launch is special and the process gets more fun each time. I hope you take some time to listen to a few of the songs and consider buying or downloading the album.

I am also pleased to say that all of my albums are now available through mainline digital distribution including iTunes and Amazon as well as several others. You can also order hard copy CDs which include the lyric inserts (for Journey, It All Comes Back To Love and Sunshine & Rain) from CDBaby.com! You can download from CDBaby as well as read all of the song stories. All the digital distribution sites also allow you to listen to samples of the songs.

The bad news is that the music player portion of this site no longer functions. (and hasn't for quite a while sadly) The previous provider was bought and the buyer did not support the function. It would seem simple but alas is not... (Perhaps I'll write a song about the experience...)

In case you are wondering, you will not find these albums in any stores. If you don't believe me, go to the store and look! If you want to drop me a line please e-mail to ghuntleymusic@gmail.com.